Pen name/Real name

So, I’m planning to begin releasing some books under my real name. I still plan to use my pen name (Rochelle Ragnarok) for yaoi releases. Why? Well for one I feel like I’m planning to do so much to the point where I don’t want anyone to have to shift through my work to find what they are interested in. If a fan is looking for my yaoi novels, I don’t want them to accidentally buy  one of my horror novels expecting yaoi where there is none and vice versa. I believe it makes me a little more organized.

Why did you choose Rochelle H. Ragnarok as a pen name?

At least I think this would be the next question. technically, the only thing about that name that’s a pen name is the surname Ragnarok. Rochelle is my middle name and it’s a name many of my friends call me. The H is another part of my middle name which makes my middle name over all very long. lol!

Where did you get the name Ragnarok?

From an anime. I believe it was Soul Eater that mentioned it. After looking up it’s Norse meanings: conjure and origin/fate it solidified that this was a pen name I wanted.  I’m very much into wicca and paganism (although I’m not a very good pagan lol), it fascinates me so the name fits.

Anyway, I just wanted to make this small announcement. Before, I was going to create a new blog and do the whole “different person” thing but that is just too much work for no real reason. It’s not like I’m the only author to ever use a pen name. It’s almost cliche to use one.  But whatever. I will create a separate page for my other releases both on my website and blog.


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