Descendants of Darkness- Prologue

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00099]Prologue

Account from Isabella Esposito Research and Development Department of the Ordine di Esaminatori.

Specialty: Thermodynamics

This is the first time in six years we had been able to investigate area 12-42 formerly Piazza del Campidoglio. Even with the protection of the gas masks and thermo suits the heat radiating is almost unbearable. In addition, the pungent scent of sulfur filling the air is near suffocating. The constant dark clouds in the sky above the location signals that this phenomenon is continuing just as strong as ever. Once I gain clearance from the military police at the gate I step upon the scaffolding three feet off the cracked ground and walk across the bridge leading to the excavated cave of rubble.

I slip on the metal flooring and when I glance down I notice the first layer of my heat resistant boots are melting. I was told this is normal. However, it still worries me and the high temperatures is terrible, this is a burning inferno emanating off the cracked earth and it only gets worse as I walk with my team toward ground zero. The only relief from the smoldering rubble was the rising of the bridge over the once majestic flight of the steps that takes me several feet off the ground.

I finally reach center square where the statute of Marcus Aurelius once stood now it is a deep hole with an attached ladder, thick wide piping for the wall, and a heat sheet for the lining. Sadly through this pipeline is the only way I can enter the inside of the central building; Palazzo Senatorio. The only place I could not reach when I was called to research the area before. The sky is darker than the first time I was here almost as if it were a moonless night. If it were not for the fact that I can see the rays of sunlight in the distance from 12-42. I check my watch, 2:20pm. My men are fast and efficient as they begin powering the lights illuminating the rocky walls.

I feel like I am on a suicide mission. Going underground when it is emanating heat up to 93.33AC is insane but according to the data sheets, the temps cool on approach to the central building. I guess I will have to see for myself.

It takes us an hour to prepare ourselves for the descent underground.

I make sure everything is in place; my light, pack, and supplies. I climb down the ladder into the pipe behind three others. The heat is picking at my back which makes me move faster down. I count seven minutes on the watch when my feet touch the cool earth. I gather samples of rocks and dust. I need to figure out why the thermal energy is concentrated above the surface and not below.

We trek through the dimly lit tunnel of rock and debris until we reach a ladder that will take us up.

Dark and dilapidated with rubble I can almost make out what this structure used to look like before the calamity.

I set up and go to work.

I stray from the group and find the very core of the phenomenon in one of the rooms. The readings are off the charts but I do not need my equipment to tell me how unusual this room is. There are items half merged and fully incorporated that were not here before; a chair, desk, and pieces of a carpet that looks as if it was wielded into the wall. This is evidence that for a brief period another world merged with ours at this very spot! However, I have no answers as to the electric and thermal energies surging all over this place.

I sift through the debris with only my flashlight for light. I wish I can remove this mask but I have no idea how safe it is to do so. I hear my men looking for me, the sound of the footsteps trotting toward me. Just before I turn to answer their calls a small glint hit what a small book. I walk over and kneel to inspect it further–a journal and a folder. Some of the pages are stuck into the wall and I cannot pull it out.

If this book originated from…that world this would be the discovery of a lifetime. I hide the book as best I can and instruct them on collecting the items inside the room. We will set up camp and stay here.

One of my workers heard a noise. Although this area is clear of those monsters there is no telling when they will arrive again we must…


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