Descendents of Darkness- Chapter Two

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**Warning: Contains M/M sexual content.**

Chapter Two

Before I begin with the past, allow me to describe myself presently. I am nineteen years old and I am one hundred and seventy five centimeters, which is roughly five feet and nine inches in height. I am slender of build with short black hair coming slightly to my eyes. I have dark blue eyes, pale-skin, and I wear light silver glasses. Although I am French as my father before me, I have spent my entire life living in this house on an island near Venice. It is a very small island and I am its only resident besides my butler Henri who lives here with me. I also have other servants who travel back and forth. Despite the many servants who attend me, my one true desire has always been to escape. However, I now understand how completely naïve I was back then. A part of me believes that if I had known how everything would turn out I probably would have just stayed here and never entertained the notion of moving out on my own. The other part of me believes that through my experiences I have become much stronger than any other before me, but before I delve into myself and my situation presently it’s always better to begin at the beginning.

My father died when I was only ten leaving me as the sole heir to his vast fortune, of course, you would think that I would be some sort of jetsetter who travels the world and enjoys all of its pleasures but that was not my life at all. Since the day I was born I have never left home; I have never even left this house. I have never felt the ocean outside my window nor the breeze of the air on my face.

None of our windows could open but I could look outside. Henri was my only company as none of the other servants spoke to me, he slept in the same bed as I, and he made sure I want for nothing.
As I grew older, the night of my father’s death became like a blur to me but I did remember Henri being very gentle to me as I watched from the window as the new servants slowly lowered my father into the family plot.

June 9

I came to a decision.

Henri sat in the darkened parlor with a glass of bourbon reading over the day’s newspaper as he always did every night around midnight. It was raining and the house was empty and quiet all but the sounds of the water splattering outside.

I stood at the large oak doors and took a deep breath; the only thing on my mind was telling Henri my decision. I could not understand why I felt so uneasy; could it be that this was the first step to making my dream a reality? I finally opened the doors and greeted me were the soft and warm sounds that I now know as my father’s musical creations streaming through the speakers on a very low volume. Henri placed the paper on the table and smiled at me as he heard me close the door and enter the room.

“You don’t have to wait up; I’ll be in bed soon.” He said taking the small glass of honey-colored liquid into his white gloved hand.
“I wasn’t really waiting up. I’ve come here to speak to you.”
“I think I should leave.” I breathed finally getting the words out as my gut tensed.
“Leave where?” He replied furrowing his brow in confusion.
“The estate, I want to be a composer like my father, and the only way I can do that is if I leave.”
Henri laughed. “That is not possible. If you want to be a composer then you should have told me and I could have arranged…”

“I don’t want you to arrange anything!” I cut him off with a burst of anger I did not know I had. “You always do everything for me and I’m tired of it. I want to go out into the world and live my own life away from here.”
“You hate it here?” Henri finally stood up and placed the glass on the table with a heavy thud spilling some of the liquid. “Haven’t you always been happy? Haven’t you always had everything your hearts’ desire?”
His face tightened with a controlled intensity I had never seen before.

I suddenly back away a few paces, his piercing black eyes seemed to burn a hole through me, and I had become afraid he would see my weakness.

“I am happy, and you know I love being here with you; however I want to…no! I need to leave and see what this world has to offer for me. I’ve never been outside nor felt that rain touch my skin.”

He grabbed me and yanked me out of the room at a speed I could never calculate, it felt as if I was floating with Henri as he raced up the stairs, his face the perfect stamp of anger. He took me to the bell tower. We winded the swirling stone steps until we reached the top and for the first time I felt a cold breeze and the wetness of the rain hitting me.

“See! There is your precious breeze and cold rain! Now you can stop all of this talk about leaving.”
He pulled me out of the cold and back into the main house, I felt dazed at the speed of his movements and before I knew what hit me he tossed me onto the bed damp clothes and all. My mind flashed to the night of my dream as if I could feel Henri’s teeth piercing my neck the same as he did… in my dream?

I suddenly screamed as loud as I could and tried in vain to push Henri’s strong body off me. I felt his teeth enter me repeatedly. This paralyzing sense of pleasure struck me hard. I felt the hardness of his groin press against mine as he grinded his hips into me, his lips still clamped shut over the wounds he created and the blood pumped fast from me.

Unable to resist I wrapped my arms around him holding him tightly as he picked up the pace grinding our bodies harder and faster. He finally shuddered and lifted his head from my throat; I felt the wetness of his kiss pour down from the wound and onto the bed. He had never took this much from me before, but before I could register anything else his hands were already pulling down my pants and ripping open my shirt to reveal my hard nipples. He knew where to begin as he attacked licking and suckling them, I sucked in the dense air in the room breathing in Henri’s exotic scent that I could never really place. My soul drifting into that dark place of pleasure whenever we were together I undo the ribbon that tied back his silky black hair allowing it to fall between my fingers as I stroked the soft strands enjoying the long fingers that read every part of me.

He removed my clothing completely; naked and unashamed I lie under him with my chest heaving and my body feeling as if it were on fire!

He removed my glasses and sat them on the nightstand, my heart pounded and my erection stood anticipating what is to come. He then hoisted himself until he came face-to-face with me, his body still between my legs he licked my lips and raised himself on his knees. He removed his white gloves and black suit until his beautifully lean and well-toned body gleamed in front of me. His large erection stood high as he hooked his arms around my legs and dragged me into a more comfortable position closest to him. He gently stroked my aching erection looking down at me with a mixture of cruel arousal. My body heated until a blaze engulfed me and my breath quickened to the tune of his increasing caress.

I soon shuddered with pleasure and spray into his palm. I watched him as best I could trying to catch my breath and compose myself, as I knew what would come next, he took the hot fluid and coated my opening, stretching me out as delicately as he always did. He soon entered roughly.
Pressing my legs to his body as he hooked them in his arms he pumped hard and fast no longer taking the great care in making sure I was unharmed.

And as I grunted and winced from the rough treatment his breathing quickened, he then grunted with pleasure as he grabbed my hips for more leverage he pulled my body up and down to match his movements, he hit that delicate spot inside of me causing my member to harden once more.
Bucking his hips wildly his hair snaked over his face lightly tickling my chest, His broad chest bore the beads of sweat from the activity; he leaned forward and soon buried his face in my throat for another stinging kiss. He entered me repeatedly in many ways for the rest of the night.


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