Mistake Made in Never Let Go giveaway copy

sorry_panda_by_crysanity-d4nqjoyPic by Crysanity

Whelp, the pain of being a writer is sometimes making mistakes in the story.  Especially a long time series taking five years to complete. Lucky for me I caught this before release and corrected it but not before ordering the paperback copies for the giveaway on Goodreads.  The changes will be reflected on the released paperback version and of course all digital copies.

May contain light spoilers:

Pages 188-189: Kane mentions Osamu having no children/family.  I forgot all about poor Dante Shiraga, Osamu’s biological son and Kane’s older brother.

Note: I forgot him so much to the point where I named Dai’s deceased brother Dante.  lol!! However, I did not change this as Dante is a fairly common name.

Another Note: Can you catch the reference in Dai’s brother’s names?


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