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Never Let Go is out now!

Never Let Go ecover3

Dai is forced to leave high school after his grandfather falls ill.  Enlisting the help of Kaito Kane, Dai travels to his family estate to face the past which has haunted him for years.

Dai returns to Japan determined to put his life together and finds himself in the arms a former lover.  However, his lover’s desperation to build a family with Dai may have serious consequences which could destroy his friendships forever.

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No nudity INSIDE the book?

C’mon Smashwords!

So, apparently Smashwords will not include my book in their premium library due to the nudity inside the book. I’ve never had this issue before– now suddenly it’s a problem. *sigh*  At first it was my book covers, I had to add little blotches to censor the pictures. I understood it because it was the cover but the inside of the book should be a different story.  If a person looks inside the book and are offended by drawings of good looking nude men then they’ve obviously picked up the wrong book.

Oh well. I had to remove the drawings from my ebook.  😦